Abbi & Tim | Intimate Winter Wedding | Plymouth, MA

Abbi and Tim have that storybook kind of love-- The kind that you often hear of but hardly knew existed before. They met as high school freshman and fell for one another out on a jetti by the Plymouth shore-- right in the same spot that they came to tie the knot this past December 28th.

Together through most of high school, Tim  eventually began making preparations to join the Marines after graduation, and the two parted ways over uncertainty of the future as high school sweethearts often do. Abbi told me she wrote to Tim that summer after graduation and assured him she would always be there for him, no matter what-- and Tim wrote back.

Over time, the two began to cultivate an amazing relationship and correspondence despite the distance that was often between them, and it became clear at some point that they couldn't live without one another. Out on the beach one day where the two were searching for shark's teeth near Lejeune Base in North Carolina, Tim asked Abbi to marry him. The two decided to tie the knot with an intimate ceremony before close family right after Christmas this year, knowing that waiting to plan a larger wedding was only delaying what they knew their hearts wanted. 

Tim begins a long combat deployment this spring, but I cannot get over what a beautiful gift it is that he will have Abbi's support and strength to carry him through his duties. These two are such an example of unconditional love and support, and being able to photograph their sweet ceremony left me feeling warm and so fortunate to have helped preserve these moments. Thank you, Abbi and Tim, for letting me share in this day. I wish you both all the best and am so happy that you found one another ❤