Danielle & Brittany | Maternity Session

I met Danielle and Brittany more than three years ago when I was working in a special needs classroom with Danielle's (amazing) twin sister, Jamie. That September when Danielle was getting married, she and Brittany were in need of some unplugged music for their wedding ceremony, and when Jamie asked my husband and I to play for it, we happily agreed. Danielle and Brittany's wedding, to this day, was one of the most touching and special ceremonies I can ever remember being a part of.

During their cocktail hour my (then) boyfriend (now husband!) and I were chit-chatting together about their wedding photographer Paul between the songs of our setlist. "He looks like a super cool guy," we agreed, and talked about how we liked the way he was shooting the details of their day and how fun it must be to do his job. Three years later, my boyfriend is my husband, Paul and I shoot weddings and rent an office together, and these two awesome human beings are bringing their first child into the world. 

All of that said, it was an incredibly humbling and exciting experience for me to shoot these two and their little one to-be. They are certainly special to me and I feel very privileged to have been able to share the experience of photographing them with their wedding photographer! They are both so sweet and the love just radiates from their little family.